Saturday, 26 January 2008

A new look for Ubuntu

One complaint I hear about Ubuntu a lot is the colour - a lot of people dislike the choice of brown as the predominant colour in the default Ubuntu setup. Personally I think the default wallpaper in Ubuntu looks OK (it's a chocolate brown, not a something-unspeakable brown), but I use Kubuntu anyway so it doesn't affect me.

But if you're using Ubuntu, you may want to change the look if you don't like it as it is. Ubuntu has many resources to make it look better, and one of the best is Blubuntu. It includes a new session splash, wallpaper, theme and GDM theme to help rid your desktop of every last trace of brown!

Just open a terminal session and enter the following:
sudo apt-get install blubuntu-look
This will install the blubuntu-look metapackage.

Now open the System menu and go to Preferences, then Appearance. You can now change to using Blubuntu for your theme, wallpaper, GDM theme and splash.

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